Over the past few weeks i have been pretty occupied with work n i have just bought a bike so all my spare time is spent out cycling. 

My blog has really taken a hit, I find that its difficult to constantly write and upload new content so I am thinking of doing something a bit different. I want to buy a Go Pro camera and Vlog while I am on a cycle. when I am out on a ride I have the best time. I sing attempt to dance and listen to my favourite music. With some amazing scenic views i think it would be a great concept. 

Firstly I need to buy the camera then get to grasps with using it and then figure out how the hell I edit videos, something I have never done before. 

​I don't really know what would be a good type of camera to get to attach to my bike?? I figure I need something quite small and something that I am able to detach quickly while riding so i can use hand held. Attachments?

​Well they are my recents thoughts. I have a very small attention span so lose interest in things very quick. Which is really annoying. I mean I can stick at things for a while if i get into a routine but most things just don't stick. 


Stay tuned in the next few weeks I will be putting these plans into action.