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Do you have your passport...

Somewhere you need to go when in Barcelona is Park Güell. Take some lunch and pack your camera as you will get some stunning panoramic views from the top. 

Machina, Brougham Place


You don't need to go all the way to the top to enjoy the best views. 

Yes Edinburgh is great and I love living here but sometimes you just need to take a break. I try and travel at least once a year, to get out of Scotland and see something new.

So my bags are packed and I'v reached the airport, why is it that nowhere does good coffee in airports? Luckily I don't mind aeroplane coffee...I know, I know but its the process and the feeling knowing I'm going somewhere different which i think makes it taste better. 

I'm Hungry!


Finding something I like and enjoying every moment.

Taking a picture for me isn't just about sharing it to the world, its about having it forever. This is my blog with pictures of places In Edinburgh where I live and the adventures I have had around the world.

No Dolmio sauce in sight.

Ok you have Italy and Spain but there is nowhere like London. I manage to get here at least once a year for the past few and it feels like somewhere I belong. You get lost in the crowds but you are never to far from a famous landmark. I love walking through Notting Hill then hoping along to Portobello Market. there is nowhere else the same. I have a lot of family in London so its great to met up and and head out. 

Where to eat.

While walking around this amazing city you can't help but feel envious of the people who live here. 

We have great coffee shops in Edinburgh but Barcelona are really pushing things forward. We got some suggestions from friends and Nomad Coffee Lab & Shop was right at the very top. These guys really know what it takes to execute the perfect shot. 

FLORENCE, I was truly speechless when I got to Florence. Walking around this architecture place was amazing. Very much my favourite place to go in italy so far. 

I stayed in a lovely boutique hotel on the outskirts of the city, Villa Carllota. For me this added to the trip, it was well designed traditional and very relaxing, of course they have a pool. Here are a few snaps I got on my stay.

If you have been to Edinburgh you cannot deny that its one of the most beautiful city in the world. Arthurs Seat if just a stones throw away from the city centre by foot. Yes no transport needed...just plenty water and camera.

If you haven't been then you are missing out. Rome is a beautiful place to go (if you take away half the tourists) but even then its still a must go. I went for 5 days and managed to see everything on my list. As you know it has many famous land marks and each one is 

It doesn't matter how long you go for there is always something to do and always more when you go back. I love London. 

Fortitude Coffee, York Place

Wellington Coffee, George Street

FALKO, Konditormeister​​

If I find myself looking for somewhere quiet to read the newspaper, Falko is the ideal place. A traditional German Cafe in the beautiful superb of Brunstfeild, Edinburgh. Coffee and a croissant is what I usually get but they have a well known delicious selection of cakes and light snacks. 

​Falko, Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh.

Italy has a feel like no other. You know when you are walking down the narrow cobbled streets smelling the food and listening to the hustle and bustle that it could on my Italy. You can't go to Italy without trying the food but especially the Gilato. I managed to try it every night. it would be the thing i miss the most from Rome.


In Edinburgh we are not short of a few great coffee shops. Im usually hanging out at Project Coffee in Bruntsfield or when on my break from work its Fortitude Coffee on York Place, you need to try their beetroot cake :O

Now if you are anything like me you think about food almost ALL of the time but if you have just attempted to climb Arthurs Seat then you are sure to be starving. You don't need to travel far in Edinburgh to find a tasty meal. 

Olly Bongos on Teviot Place is a favourite of mine.


Barcelona, Spain 

No matter where you are you in the world you always want to find some great restaurants. Surprisingly my favourite restaurant in Barcelona was a Vietnamese  gem we found just strolling around.

Hidden away just off Las Ramblas it has a traditional vietnamese feel and the best atmosphere. Check it out.Bun Bo Vietnam 

If you don't fancy Rome i would suggest Barcelona.

Barcelona is my favourite place to go visit. Its a combination of the cool and relaxed atmosphere with the great weather and food. I have been here a couple of times and overtime i find it more breath taking. 

I love going to this museum and they have just launched 10 new exhibitions, from fashion to industries and planes to Dolly the sheep. If you are looking for something new check them out. Join the celebrations on the 8th July - 10th July. 

Its on Chamber Street in the heart of Edinburgh.